Push My Chair

Will you be able to withstand the power and push of your coworkers in this Gogy interactive game Push My Chair? The whole point of this game is simply to push the other office workers' chairs off the place! Even though it sounds so easy, the number of participants will change your thought. This place is filled with workers from various offices, and each of them will have some weapons or tools. You will participate in the quest to be the last office worker left in the safe zone. How can you eliminate the other office workers with such dangerous weapons and huge chairs?

Learn how to dodge the attacks, move around, roam with your chairs, and overthrow the others by pushing them off the area. There will always be a circle or frame that indicates the safe zones for each game. The longer you stay in those zones, the higher your chances of winning will be. Beware of the ones who come with weapons and tools as they will be more powerful. When you manage to clear a few matches with high rankings, you will be able to gain coins and unlock more weapon types. Changing the weapon and chair types will increase your chances of surviving this office battle!

Thanks to two different game modes single-player and duo-player, this game will be suitable for both your alone gaming time and the time you want to share a server with friends! The office chair-pushing battle is so fun with vibrant graphics and a 3D platform setting, so hop into this world right now! Go ahead to explore a variety of newly added online games and challenge yourself with other genres of games like Mini Train IO or Triset.io from https://gogy.games/ after this one! 

Instruction to play:

Player 1 uses W, A, S, and D keys to move and interact.

Player 2 plays with arrow keys.