Drift Ice Line Connect

Drift Ice Line Connect will test not only your performance skills but also your problem-solving techniques when it comes to solving a difficult question. The work of Pengu the penguin in this Gogy 2021 game is to solve the question of how to connect all the platforms and blocks using only one move. The goal is to jump from one block to another without missing out on any at the end of the game.

To be able to create a single loop for connecting the blocks, we will need you to think carefully of each step. Don't rush and start observing before setting foot on any block at all! First, learn how the mechanism of the game works. By moving on each block only once, you have marked the connection on that block. Keep hopping on the next blocks and make your way through the all-around board until there's no block left untouched.

It's crucial that you loop them all without missing out on any in the middle because you can't go back once you have missed it. Each ice block can only be used once and there's no fixing once you have stepped on it, therefore, the best way is to be certain of the next steps that you take.

The best players will be the ones to hit the highest record on the Leaderboard in the shortest time frame ever! Hit this game up with a bunch of new features and dive into other games like Who Was Who from https://gogy.games/ to make your playtime a bit more marvelous and fill with adventures! There will be a scoreboard and time set on the top of the screen to keep track of your progress in this virtual puzzle game so do your best to beat the clock as well!

Instruction to play:

Controls: Use the arrow keys or WASD keys to move the penguin.