Kill The Spy

Physics arcade games at Gogy land have been updated and evolve every day to make the experience of the players much more entertaining. Now, with the newly updated game called Kill The Spy, you can play the role of a spy for a while and complete the tasks of sweeping all the place. Don't miss out on any spies or else your mission will fail.

To win the game, you need to overcome stages one by one. The difficulty level will surely rise slowly, but to win with high scores, do your best to keep updating your skill sets. Aim correctly with your cannon, calculate and estimate the physic laws to choose the perfect landing spot.

If you can take down more than just one or two blocks with one shot, it's a full success! When the bottom level of the block falls down, the higher levels will automatically crash. This game at is not only a physics arcade game type but it's also a problem-solving game that will challenge your brain with these tough set-up.

The platform is easy to understand, along with 2D game art animation for the kids. Can you complete the secret mission of agent 007? It's up to your shooting skill to eliminate the enemy spy agents and save the city from corruption! Come to defeat other bad guys in games like Stickman Skate 360 Epic City and Endless Survival Shooting

Instruction to play:

drag the mouse cursor to aim and release to shoot.