Boxing Fighter Super Punch

The rules to win each level in Boxing Fighter Super Punch might seem easy, but it will be quite a challenge to go on for a long time while trying to win all stages. Your goal is to be the best fighter with the mastery boxing skill sets. Each kid joining this Gogy free game will start with a simple character. For each winning match, you gain a specific number of coins, which can be used to purchase cards from the store. What can those cards do?

Each of them has its function, for example, to upgrade the damage range, to increase the strength of the punches, or to buy a new character with new clothes! The more coins you have, the more options available for your choice. There will be boxes coming from two sides of the screen simultaneously. Don't miss out on a single box and keep turning left and right to kick them all.

After you hit a certain number of boxes per level, the main boss of that stage will show up for a showdown. That's when you show the best of your fighting techniques by using punches, movements, jumps, and gained boosters to defeat the boss as fast as possible. Will your character be the most unique at Keep an eye out for other equally entertaining fighting games such as Troll Boxing

Instruction to play:

Click on the screen or use the left and right arrow keys to choose which direction to punch.