A new addictive arcade game is here for the fans of Gogy games for kids! Welcome players of all ages to our new game: Bridges! This game, with fast-paced runner gameplay and an endless mode, has attracted fans from all around the world. Only by showing off your ultimate reflexes will you be able to withstand this ultimate test.

The rule is so simple, but the gameplay and high speed make it hard to master the basics of the game at You only need to tap to rotate the bridges when the main character approaches them. However, it takes serious estimation skills to choose the right timing to spin the bridges. If you fail to choose the right timestamp, your character will fall down the hole immediately. It's definitely not as easy as it sounds and looks, so prepare yourself for the challenging tasks.

The graphics are adorable with cartoony characters and smooth transitions from one scene to another, which create a great gaming experience for all kids. The more you play, the higher the speed will be. Can you match the high speed of the character and guide him through the bridges?

Compete with your friends and show them the best records that you can make! Keep your bridges at the right place and release when the character has moved through. Tons of cute games with arcade features such as Amaze and Angry Gran are available right here without a cost. They are at the tips of your fingers! 

Instruction to play:

Play the game using the taping interaction.