Punch Man

The latest action-based famous game has just been added to Gogy free games. If you love the ninja-like motions and incredibly fast attack, this new adventure with the Punch Man will be the best option for you. It's time you embraced your inner ninja! Unleash all the best punches so as to save yourself as you are surrounded by the scary herds of monsters.

These monsters come out of the dark from both sides of the screen, therefore, it's crucial to pay attention to both sides in the game. The job is to observe and decide which monsters will attack you first. Then, turn to that side and give your most powerful punches to defeat that one. Keep punching and switching from one side to the other until you have no life left.

There are three chances for each round, which means that the moment when you make the fourth mistake, the game is over. Not only does the game test your reflexes but it also allows you to challenge yourself with the task of breaking all the previous records of your self. Don't stop or else the monsters will jump into you!

Despite a large number of monsters, the best players in http://gogy.games/ will be able to withhold his ground and punch until there is no energy left. Can you become the one with the best record? Enjoy our amazing graphics with dark themed characters. More ninja games with the action-based storyline are waiting for you with choices like Stickman Bridge Constructor and G-Switch 3

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse or left and right arrow to choose which side to turn.