Frozen Sister Christmas Hairstyle Design

Christmas is coming to the Gogy land! Would you like to join in the holiday events with our princesses Elsa and Anna? This season, Little Elsa and Anna want to have Christmas haircuts to look their best for the incoming activities. They both have long hair so you can freely spread your imagination and come up with many new ideas.


Your job is to choose your favorite hairstyles first. But they need to have somebody to prepare and wash their hair as well. Rinse it with warm water, wash with shampoo and then blowdry to finish the preparation step. You can trim it off a little bit to get rid of the damaged hair at the bottom. Now, it's time to imagine the design in your head and decide whether it will suit the girl or not. At, we also have some recommendation if you can't choose one. Then, you can start to bring the design to life and decorate the hairstyles the sisters.


One of the best trends these days are the braids and the flowy types with many ornaments. In order to make a beautiful braid, follow the steps and push out each strand of hair separately. Then, combine these strands to make a neat and tight braid so that it can hold the ornaments. Continue with both of the girls and then you can experience more games like Princess Off The Shoulder Dress and Elsa Coachella Hairstyle Design as well. 

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse to decorate and interact.