Furtive Dao

Get yourself emerged in this enthralling action puzzle game with the signature Chinese style of Furtive Dao - the Gogy fun game 4 kids! You will assist the Red Panda to complete tasks and raise money for the shelter, but these tasks will be unique and interesting! The goal is to make sure that you gather all the coins on the screen, bypass the enemies, and get through to the exit door.

Bringing home all the valuable coins and helping to solve the issues of the shelter is the main objective of this game. There are many things that you need to fix, from the ruined roofs, the broken beds, and so on. Keep earning more and more money so that you can slowly innovate them all and create a better shelter for your animal friends! This game has special arcade features and more than 30 unique levels with different themes to keep the players entertained with increasing difficulty.

The kids get to go through six levels in which the main goal is to gather money. The next six unique levels shall include more enemies and obstacles. Keep in mind that the yellow bars are the ones that you can cross, while you can't go through the red bars. Attacks can be made when you dash through the enemies to reach a certain point.

Utilize the movement of the ninjas and learn how you can successfully gather coins for your goal! Feel free to emerge in this original soundtrack to feel the breezy sceneries for ninjas to thrive in! There are more twists and turns to wait for you to explore in this elaborated storyline, so come and help your shelter friends! Come to have fun with other good gaming choices such as Mr Speedy The Cat from https://gogy.games/, all with adorable graphics, and for free! 

Instruction to play:

Click to choose the next destination to move toward.