Wire is the game from Gogy free game for kids that is unusual and unique, yet interesting and very addictive once you get to it. It's a new game with futuristic kind of graphics and vivid lines that create a bright and colorful vibe to it. You will control the wire with the color of your choice and move on to the mainboard. Do your best to avoid collisions with areas of different colors than yours and only come into contact with wires of the same colors.

This shall be the crucial point for surviving this game, so refraining from getting closer to the territory of other colors will be wise. The game provides different rooms with different challenges as well as a new set of opponents, so to not be lost in the new room, stick to your missions only. Should you fail to overcome one level, you will get the chance to start all over again to learn more techniques.

Enjoy the smooth mechanism of the game as well as the vivid location while figuring out how to gain the top scores! Of course, the difficulty range will increase slowly but steadily throughout the stages to pose more threats and obstacles to the player. Have you heard of similar games like Alien Robot Warrior Hidden from the collection of http://gogy.games/

Instruction to play:

Move to the location of the same colors using the mouse cursor.