Slime Arrows

If you are a so-called hardcore fan of platform games, this new selection of Slime Arrows will easily become one of the best new choices for you from our Gogy 2021 free games. Feel free to flop from one place to another, drop the slime, move, slide to reach the destination with enough scores.

This version of the platform arcade game will be quite an enjoyable experience for you as it's easy to understand but challenging enough to take some time to master. The first thing you need to know is the variety of obstacles in the game. To win a level, you need to help the slime move through the journey, jump over the objects, hop on to crash enemies, and make sure that no obstacles can crash you on the route.

The goal is to be able to activate it at the right time so that all the arrows move accordingly. You can touch the slime or control it, but only the arrows. This makes the game a bit harder than the ordinary arcade game. Find the portal that will bring the slime to the next destination or the next stage so that you can clear the current level.

The rule is that all arrows point toward different directions, and one is off when another is on. Will you be able to think of a way to use similar-colored arrows so that all these levels can be cleared? Explore the 2 worlds available in this game at and level up your game with extensive hand skills and techniques. Give yourself a chance to tackle some more games such as SS Euro Cup 2021 or My Ice Cream Truck for free!

Instruction to play:

Controlling keys: Play the game using the mouse or by tapping on the mobile/tablet screen.