Hungry Box

The hungry boxes are ready for you to take over with your fast movement here at Hungry Box - Eat Before Time Runs Out - the latest arcade game online here at Gogy land! To achieve the highest scores and acclaim the top positions, don't miss out on any hungry box and go for the top range! The more "hungry box" you manage to capture, the more food you will be able to consume before the limited time runs out.

A limited time of 10 seconds per stage is all that you have to clear out the mission. For every successful food clearing, you will be able to gather surprisingly hidden box characters like fruits, foods, robots, ghosts, superheroes, or any other strange item you can find. Not only should you aim for the top scores but you should also search all nooks and crannies to unlock the most hidden boxes!

Thanks to the 2D simple graphics with minimalist styling, the kids can emerge into the world of hypercasual gameplay and showcase some of their best movement in a fast-paced arcade environment. Jump, dash, or move from the higher blocks to the lower ones while maintaining on the screen. Don't get left behind at all costs and make sure to think quickly as this helps you to control the length of the red stick more precisely.

Any longer distance or shorter one will make the characters slip out of the main screen. These hungry boxes only appear for a short period, therefore, estimate their motions well to clear them from the screen. Would you like to take a role in more arcade or puzzle games such as Snip N Drop from our list of Let's start the fun-themed challenge and hop into this journey for the best time of your life! 

Instruction to play:

Click and drag the mouse to move.