Jumper Rabbit

Introduce your friends and family to the adorable Jumper Rabbit from Gogy land while taking on this journey of finding the most delicious carrots without failure. Your job is simply to jump up the stairs until when the carrots come into your sight. However, before you found them, there might be spikes, obstacles, and other items that prevent you from moving easily.

Pick the right force and power to jump over the steps of stairs. In order to land well, don't choose the power line that is too hard or too light. Not only is this game focus on the estimation techniques but it's also about choosing the right timing to stop the power bar. If there is more than just one item on the step, make sure that you take momentum and jump further to avoid it.

Don't slip or loose because that means you will have to start over again from the beginning. There is no limitation on the number of times you can replay this game at http://gogy.games/, so feel free to gather numerous friends to compete! Adorable characters, bright graphics, and lovely levels will be the perfect elements to achieve fabulous, fun, and easy to learn gameplay.

How far can you help deliver the rabbit and how many carrots can he consume? Other delicious foods and fruits are hidden for your search in other games like Getting Over It and Candy Monster Kid

Instruction to play:

Estimate the required power, use the left mouse to click and adjust the power range. Click again to jump.