Aqua Fish Dental Care

Bring your solution, tools, and expertise to treat our lovely fish with dental care here at Aqua Fish Dental Care - Gogy latest game! The underwater village with lots of fish and marine creatures are looking for a good dentist! Let's join and learn how to become dental professionals to clear all decayed teeth and give treatment carefully! All you need to do is follow the step-by-step introduction to the game as well as catch up with the tutorial.

There's nothing holding you back even if you haven't tried out a dentist-themed game before. Learn the way to use this equipment one by one before attending any session. Each coming customer, regardless of them being fish or crab, will have a specific problem with their teeth that requires your attention. Fix the issues, clean the teeth, protect the gum, remove the decay, and complete all required tasks on the list for a session!

You can go slowly at first to carefully remove the trash, and dirty patches, and prepare their teeth to perfection. Any kid of any age will be able to enjoy this easy-to-control game with availability on all devices. Share the fun and spirit of the game with your friends to see who can help more customers with their dental problems!

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Instruction to play:

Play with the tools using the left mouse button.