Geometry Tower

Surely this is a very difficult game for players to join the Geometry Tower puzzle game at www gogy. You will participate in building the city and the buildings are assembled from the blocks must be kept balanced. If a block falls out of the available structure, the game is over and you have to start over to get 3 stars in each level.


This difficult challenge is constantly occurring and the shapes of different shapes will make it difficult for you. It is very difficult to balance them and you need to think in the most mature way before dropping into different positions and making enough 3 stars. Gogy new games bring this fun puzzle game to all online game players. You are not bothered by ads or other factors.


Different blocks will have a different balance and you have to calculate the most appropriate position so that they do not fall out of the available position. You extend the game until you reach 3 stars in each level you will win. Keep saving the game for many blocks and arrange them in the most reasonable way in this game to achieve the maximum score.


You will become a great architect when you join this game at Invite your friends to play the game in their free time and find out how the arrangements are most secure. We also update the latest puzzle games for players around the world like Jump Red Square and Hextris. Each challenge for you is a great pleasure that you can explore to reduce stress. 

Instruction to play:


Click on the left mouse button after you have determined the position to drop the blocks with different shapes