Weird Dance On Wednesday

Gothic has always been Wednesday's go-to styling and her signature outfit. In this game of Weird Dance On Wednesday, we will support our lovely goth girl in the work of picking out one perfect outfit and makeup to participate in the next huge school prom! There are many ways you can make her shine in this Gogy girl 2023 game, especially with her new dance, however, outfit and makeup remain two important factors in this transformation. As she has been rehearsing this dance for quite some time, let's not let her down and give her the best look of her life in this prom!

A gorgeous black dress will be the main piece for Wednesday, but we are hoping that you can fill up the missing addition of accessories, makeup, and more items to finish the look. Pick the suitable style and stroke of make-up that demonstrates her best look and reflects her inner world. We recommend that you go with a classy style, with some bold and dark shades and deep red lipstick to emphasize her gorgeous features. Feel free to add a touch of freckles to give the look a sense of romance.

This game mission is based on the popular movie twist as she tries on new images of a gothic girl and showcases herself dancing at the prom. Are you ready to rock the prom with the best dress and amazing makeup as well as accessories for Wednesday? The controlling key set is so easy that even little girls can learn how to play the game within a few minutes. Don't hesitate to spare some time to try out more games like Aqua Fish Dental Care or Celebrity Easter Fashionista for a new world of girl games online here at !


Instruction to play:

Click using the left mouse or play with a mobile touchpad.