Fruits Equations

Fruits Equations is the new generation of educational games for kids that you can enjoy for free with just one click! Come to our website at Gogy 2020 and find out what's so special about this math puzzle game. You will learn how to think smartly, clearly through the challenges of add, subtract, divide, and more using the icons of fruits. For each puzzle, different types of fruits will represent different numbers. Your job is to take a close observation at the equation, brainstorm, and find out what's the value of each hidden element.

The given equations will get more and more difficult throughout the game thanks to the mechanism of the game to make sure that it's exciting enough for the players. It's the perfect chance to use a combination of skills in mathematics such as addition, subtraction, multiplication as well as a division to adjust the values and come up with the final key. To be able to solve the quizzes, we recommend that you should read the expression and find the unknown values by connecting the obvious values. There are five chances for you to make mistakes. If you exceed those times, the level will be over.

Also, pay attention to the question mark boxes to know which parts of the equation are hidden. This game from will be a perfect game to share with your kids, your friends since it's thrilling and hard enough for you to cooperate with another teammate. Kids also love this kind of revised games thanks to the unique gameplay that is unlikely to find anywhere else.

Enjoy the smooth graphics, adorable fruit pieces, and a lovely guide as the main character to help you advance through those tough math questions. Keep your tension high up with more lovely games like Super Plumber and Fire Brigade that is also for free! 

Instruction to play:

Click and drag the mouse to choose the number.