will be your favorite multiplayer action game soon as this has the most thrilling action gameplay and the cool concept of weapon evolution! Fall in love with the fast-paced theme and the diversity of players in this one! It's a simulation and io game from the collection of Gogy ganes  in which the players get to control the dog character.

The goal is to move around the place and stab the others with your weapon until there's no one else left standing. When moving around, there will be a map showing on the top of the screen to help you navigate and steer clear of locations with higher-ranked opponents. Pay attention to collect as many bones, fruits, food pieces, and so on!

The more you collect, the more chances you have to upgrade the weapons to protect yourself. It's a massive arena with deadly dogs roaming around, so keep your focus and remove any opponents that you can at once. As you manage to improve the damage range of your weapons, you can target the ones with lower weapons and reach a higher best score.

Another fun feature is to unlock new skins, clothes, accessories, hats, and such to decorate your character a bit to stand out! Take your chance to experiment with this PHP multiplayer game that is addictive, fun, and brings about the best thrilling sensation of running and fighting!

A total collection of 50 items ranging from skins, hats to pets is waiting for the players with a lot of scores or point to redeem them. Gather some friends to join this server and have fun poking the weapon around with this Gogy io game online! Other games like Time Touch or Trz Canon will be quite the challenges if you are looking for something new and fresh this summer. 

Instruction to play:

How to play: drag and move the mouse to control the dog, click to boost the speed.