Jelly Island

The Jelly Island here at Gogy 2021 online game will be a good option if you are looking for something that is both entertaining and adorable. The tasks for you in this game will be simple ones, as you will be in charge of rearranging the Jelly Island and getting all the jellies into the right places. There are many cute jellies floating on the board of this game waiting to be matched.

Find the set of possible groups of three or more similar-colored jellies and switch the positions. Do any required move to make the grouping possible so that you can gather tons of coins! There are two game modes for your entertainment, each with its unique rule and theme. For Time Attack, it's all about setting the time straight and managing it. You will fight against the ticking clock while arranging the jellies.

Once the time runs out, the level is over regardless of your progress. In the Story mode, players get to go through the exploration of 25 different levels. Special jellies, bonuses, boosters, as well as new difficulties will play important roles in this version. To overcome the increasing difficulties, you will have to clear the board as fast as possible to gain the top combos.

Lovely graphics and adorable characters with bounciness will turn this game into your favorite among the bunch soon! Come to explore other adventures with puzzle themes such as Fishy Trick from our list at There will be unique settings and layouts for each so that your playtime gets better and better only! Let's test your eyesight and ability while dealing with the jelly beans for now with this lovely jelly island!

Instruction to play:

Controlling keys:

Click to switch the position of the jellies.