Bullet Fire 2

Bullet Fire is a very interesting gun shooting game, which has just come back with the second version at Gogy games 2019! The game comes with 3D graphics and first-person shooting theme. You will feel as if you are truly playing on the real battlefield without having to actually go to the site, which is the highlight feature of it.


Like most shooting games, the goal is to utilize your weapons to defeat the enemy and win the battle. It's crucial that you keep moving constantly. The map will be a large labyrinth which is filled with enemies and obstacles for the players to discover at http://gogy.games/. Also, there will be plenty of different items scattered around. These items have the ability to heal or help you switch the weapon later in the game. Therefore, it will be beneficial to keep an eye for them. Watch out for enemies around you who may consume your life as they approach you with full speed.


The tip for newcomers is that don't hesitate to move confidently on your own instead of waiting for the enemies to approach. Come and join the battle with more games like Tactical Weapon Pack and Dead Zone Sniper to show off your ability to shoot precisely. The best players will be the bravest and who can come up with the smartest strategies. However, we guarantee the fun moments and cool gameplay for free! 

Instruction to play:

Choose the direction, aim, and fire using the mouse cursor, Move using the WASD keys.