Shooty Clocks

Time is the essence to win in this new Gogy game: Shooty clocks. It's an elaborated game with the strangest gameplay. Not only will this integrated game provide you the relaxation through the motions but you can also the same leisure as the shooting game. It's a combination of a shooting game and a reaction game. 

There will be many clocks scattered randomly on the screen. Each and every one of these clocks has its own rotating hands. Your job is to choose the right timing when the hand on the black clock aiming at the nearby clocks to click. When you click, the black mark will change to the next clock. However, the hardest part is that all these hands move so fast that sometimes you need to look carefully so as not to make mistakes. 

Two different modes of Endless and Quest guarantee that whichever your taste is, you can always find the right game mode here at! If you love to test your limit by trying to break the old record, Endless mode is a good choice. Go with the Quest to defeat the challenges one by one throughout so many levels. Scores are calculated based on the number of clocks you manage to shoot at. The more times you jump from one clock to another, the higher your scores are. 

Check out the Leaderboard at the end to see your spot on the chart! Other cool shooting games such as Just S Rush and Balls Rotate have diverse themes for discovery later. 

Instruction to play:

Click or tap on the screen.