Pixel Combat Multiplayer

Shooting games with a first-person point of view like Pixel Combat Multiplayer from Gogy 2019 are always the best choices for fans of action games thanks to its realistic feel and thrilling experience. Jump right into this online shooting games with a nice retro touch for the graphics. Not only will there be tough shooters waiting for you around every corner but the setting of a block city that has been turned into a huge battlefield will also be challenging as well.

After conquering this layout, you can proceed to the next one like an old little town with many houses for hiding and shooting. The diversity of settings will add more themes to one game! Your mission remains unchanged and it's to shoot down your enemies. Use all possible weapons to optimize the damage range.

There are a lot of choices available at http://gogy.games/, ranging from a simple handgun, knives to rifles, explosives, and even bazooka. It's up to you to take your pick in order to lead your team to the victory. More than the individual work, since you will be playing in teams, make sure that you can coordinate well with other teammates for the best result.

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Instruction to play:

Move with arrow keys or WASD, aim and shoot using the mouse cursor, change weapons with 1,2 keys, jump using the space bar.