City Builder

Make your city by assembling buildings from the very first brick and work your way up to earn the most money with your hard-built city! This new game of City Builder from Gogy puzzle Land is a new challenge if you are in search of a good game of interactive gameplay with the best top-down view and animation lately added! The goal is to keep clicking on the building and building more to continuously increase your money and develop your city.

It'll be a city with full building structures and a variety of landscapes, ranging from office blocks, housing, infrastructure, towers, and shopping malls. You can extend your existing building with a certain amount of money, however, you will constantly have to improve your capacity. The additional construction equipment and new staffs or construction workers are here to help you. The more workers you have, the higher your automation rate and you can improve as well as accelerate your progress. Don't forget to add plants as well as decoration trees in your city to avoid a space filled with only buildings. For each click on your own buildings, you will earn money.

Let's start getting more and more resources and you will soon become one of the richest owners in the town! It's a fun game to explore your inner strategic ability and train to become a visionary and trusted architect for any smart city in the future! Here with our new game about city-building missions at, we encourage you to spend some time understanding the mechanism and basic concept of it! Dive into more games with similar themes and equally eye-catching graphics such as Block Collapse or Inversion 2048 to gain the top spot on all leaderboards possible! 

Instruction to play:

Build, choose, and interact using the mouse cursor.