Trz Canon

TRZ Cannon brings back the casual gaming selections of Gogy 2021 online with simple and optimized gameplay! This game allows the players to not only demonstrate their aiming and shooting abilities but also the talent of estimation for the highest scores possible! Your main task in this game is to use the estimation to select the right timing and force to launch the canon.

As you are carrying out the work of estimating the right force and strength, take the distance into consideration so that you can prepare to hit canon. If the canon shots can slip into the baskets, you will be the winner of the match and manage to proceed to the next level. Any other ending shall result in replaying the stage until when you can finish the task.

It's a level-based game with more than 100 levels, each with its unique point and challenges to make sure that the difficulty level increases slowly. Tackling the small puzzles in the few first levels will be a good way to get a grip on the game rules and basic features before learning to win quickly! The shape of the canon makes it easier to target a basket rim, as long as you can select the suitable direction to shoot.

Hit the work soon and get your scores or name to the top of the Leaderboard for the top rankings! Learn the mechanism and how the bullets fall by testing with different directions and methods of shooting! We provide a long list of free games at for the fans of arcade games like Turquoise Blocks or War Tanks Paper Notes. Grab one that you like and emerge in the world of free games that are exclusively made for you!

Instructions: Click and drag the mouse to aim and shoot, or tap and hold the screen.

Instruction to play: