Line Bright

This new Gogy online game is good news for the fans of the HTML5 game with a touch of arcade features. You will be controlling the ray of light in this game: Line Bright and try to reach the end of each stage by moving through plenty of obstacles on the platform. Such a challenging game will be a perfect option to spice up your boring game time!

To solve this elegant puzzle, the players need to brainstorm to search for the perfect route that can not only unlock all the keys but can also distribute the light evenly. Your final goal is to reach the final stage and escape the level using the door. In this world of lines, your ray of light can travel anywhere as long as there isn't any intersection that is locked.

Do your best to pick the direction to move and increase the scores throughout the game! It's a brain-wrecking game with more than 20 levels for you to freely explore and utilize your amazing puzzle-solving techniques within a time limit! If you can solve different tricky and mind-blowing levels as fast as possible, it's guaranteed that you will be able to enhance your thinking and increase your IQ.

Avoid the dangerous obstacles that stand in the way or might crack the ray of light. Crystals are scattered around the platform for you to collect, so pay attention and gather them all! The list of free games that we update daily will be filled with the most exciting games like Jumping Together or People Onet, so take some time to pay a visit to ... and have a blast with friends!

Instruction to play:

Move the lines using the WASD keys or arrow keys.

Interact and choose the levels using the mouse cursor or touchpad.