Beauty Party Rush

The name of this Gogy new game: Beauty Party Rush might make you think it's another game for girls with the theme of cooking, make-up, or decorating. However, you will find this a surprise as it's a car driving game with the arcade theme exclusively created for the female participants here! You will be joining a new journey to hit the party with the sisters who are waiting for you along the road.

The task is to control the luxury sports car and dive into the crowded road to move toward the destination that they are aiming for - the party. Do your best to avoid collision with other cars or vehicles traveling on the roads, dodging the annoying pillars, as well as bypassing the rolling gears with your flexibility. By moving the car to different lanes, you need to switch not only the lanes but also the speed and direction once hitting the new obstacles.

Let's see how many ladies you can grab along the way and bring to the party at the same time! As it's an interesting gameplay with colorful graphics, feel free to dive into this intuitive interface with the trendiest styling and lovely main characters. Maneuvering the car when there are more and more passengers will not be an easy feat, but make sure to keep your focus and keep the car's balance.

Check your highest record and scores on the Leaderboard here at to see which ranking you will be able to claim with your technique and skillful drive! Learn the movement and control key sets with the in-game tutorial from the beginning so that you can keep up with other players later. Plenty of new choices like 2 Player Dark Racing will bring the fun gaming world to you! 

Instruction to play:

Click the mouse or slide to move the vehicles.