Euro School Driving Coach 3D

Euro School Driving Coach 3D takes your driving experience to another level with special vehicles to overcome these street obstacles - the school bus! The mission of this game from Gogy land 2022 doesn't stop at reaching the final destination within the given time frame but you also need to pay attention to the safety of the passengers. As you take the role of the driver for this school bus for the day, you will need to complete all the available missions with different layouts and unique challenging terrains.

In order to claim the highest title of an experienced bus driver here with the 3D simulation gameplay, the players need to conquer whichever route that is tossed at them. Your main goal is to keep the balance of the bus and make sure to overcome all the randomly popped-up obstacles that you can find on the way. It's all about your flexibility, good reaction when being under the pressure, ability to concentrate, as well as the estimation method.

Keep in mind that the two most important elements in the game that might affect the results of your mission will be the terrain and weather during your driving session. Complete the quests throughout different difficulty levels and make sure that no accident can happen to the bus while it's on the path to deliver all these students.

Like some new games at as Freestyle Racing, you can gain more boosters and gifts by logging in on a daily basis to keep the streak going. Even though speed is important to claim high rankings in this game, safety is also of the essence as you will fail the mission should the bus flip over. Demonstrate your driving style with more car games like !


Instruction to play:

Use the arrow keys to move and stop the bus.