Celebrity Easter Fashionista

The world of Celebrity Easter Fashionista will be filled with the best styling fashionistas who are eager to join hands and celebrate Easter here at Gogy princess games! We need a new event planner to support our celebrities in coming up with a party plan that is consisting of all kinds of fun and creative activities. From the classic egg decoration activities to the new makeup and dress-up ones, you will be able to enjoy them all. As you take care of this Easter celebration as the main planner, feel free to go through all the tasks and try out to see if you can win them all!

First, make sure that you get the girls to the party in their best outfits and makeup. Work on the girls' looks and outfits one by one in order to pick out the best outfits for them. Choose a suitable vibe and make it work for the ladies. From classic theme to the girly and sweet overall look, you need to pick out suitable tops, bottoms, dresses, or pretty accessories to go with each. Match and mix using the modern pattern or newly added items. We aim to succeed in the work of glamming up the girls using given cosmetics such as eye shadows and lipsticks for a great result. Don't forget to take pictures before playing with the adorable easter eggs and enjoy your day! Our gaming list from https://gogy.games/ will be constantly filled with more and more girl games in a variety of sub-genres, ranging from cooking, baking, and dressing-up, up to gardening and so on! It's a huge collection filled with various choices such as Fantasy Madness or Aqua Fish Dental Care for a cool entertaining time alongside some friends, hit them up! 

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse or touch pointer to choose and change the clothing.