Is It Golf

Even though it comes with a slightly similar rule to ordinary golf games, this Gogy new game: Is It Golf remains quite a thriller to challenge the fans of this famous sport. Learn how to crack these challenges on a golf court, but with plenty of new twists, fun models, challenging layouts, and strange golf sticks for sure. Emerge in this world of a funny golf arcade game where you can freely enjoy the interaction with a 3D model that changes depending on the stages.

Difficulty levels increase gradually throughout the set of games, however, the purpose remains unchanged. Control your stick in this golf game and hit it to reach the hole. The strange thing about this new game is the change of sticks, ranging from a normal bar to a sheep, a car, a chicken, and so on.

It doesn't matter which stick you are using. Do your best to get to the marked flag on each stage as this is the final point to get you through the next unlocked stage. Two main elements contributing to your victory will be the direction and the launch force. It's crucial to keep the launching power at a moderate pace.

Hit the golf ball with too much power and it will fly away from the targets. A too-gentle hit will cause the opposite and refrains the ball from slipping into the right hole. Bear in mind that the drums are to be avoided. Spread the fun spirit on this fun platform filled with the most diverse setting and layout to your friends and family for the top-notch gaming experience such as Real Chess at!

Instruction to play:

Click, hold, and drag the given items to hit the golf ball.

Play using the touchpad or by touching the screen for mobiles and tablets.