Jelly Cubes

If you love the classic game genre like Tetris's, don't miss out on this new game called Jelly Cubes from Gogy 2021 with similar matching gameplay but with more sweetness! There are tons of colorful and sweet jelly pieces scattered on the board. Your main goal will be to clear the board or get the most point by picking and dropping sets of jelly cubes on the board. The given sets of cubes can only be rotated to change the direction, but you can't change the color or the shape of it.

With three blocks matched together, you will be able to clear them and gain some scores. There is no limitation on time, however, the limitation on the spaces will be your main enemy. If you choose the wrong set of cubes, you might not have enough space to put them. If there aren't any cube sets that you can fit on the board or if they hit the top edge of the board, your turn is over.

These three options can be found on the left panel of the screen. They show up one by one as you finish setting the old ones. A line of three blocks with the same color is sufficient enough to score, so this game will be easier than Tetris. Let's start picking the block sets that you want to clear first and start hitting the challenge! Go from the Easy game mode and work your way up to the Hard mode to make more matches and gain more scores.

Newbies can freely practice and retry as many times as they want thanks to the free feature of this game from

Instruction to play:

Click to choose the cube sets and drag to move them.