Doc Darling Bone Surgery

The lovely girl from Gogy's latest game: Doc Darling Bone Surgery has fallen from her bike, and her bone has been injured with a slight problem. We need a talented doctor to attend the surgery in this game of Doc Darling Bone Surgery and help the girl fix her bone problem. Do your best as her doctor to check, examine, and find out the way to cure her injuries.

By following the steps in the game, you can slowly make your way toward the final results of fixing the bone in no time. There will be more than one bone broken, some others are cracked or have some problem. Only by fixing them all will you be able to get the girl back on her feet as soon as possible. Learn how to complete all the available stages in this interactive game and keep advancing toward the higher stages.

Can you unlock the final dress-up mode - which is to decorate the girl's outfit after her bones have fully recovered? A cute makeover will be the final touch to get the girls to look alive and lovely as usual! You can freely customize the girl's outfit and hairstyle to glam up for a photoshoot. Don't miss out on any step in the curing process to make sure that the girl's bones are taken care of in the best way.

From fixing the broken parts to tending to the scars and after-surgery procedures, we will guide you through them all. Demonstrate your steady hands in the surgery and perform a successful one! Other girl games from Gogy games will bring more genres and themes to your gaming time, ranging from fashion games like  to cooking games like Unicorn Dress Up.

Instruction to play:

Control the tools and treat the girls using the left mouse button.