Axe Master

A good throwing game with smooth graphics, a great theme for arcade fans and fast-paced gameplay to keep you addicted to it will be a great option for today's playtime! Don't miss out on the chance to not only learn how to use the ax promptly but also to test out your observation and aiming skills. In previous games, Gogy land has introduced the games of knives throwing and other weapons to you.

This time, prepare to get a few muscles after managing the heavy ax. You will aim at all the blue targets, either moving or not, and try to hit the bullseyes. If the boards stay in one place, it will be pretty easy to hit the center. All you have to do is click and avoid the board with the skull icons that will explode at the slightest touch. Mini-hatches will be provided later when you are on the levels of moving board, but make sure to estimate correctly.

Keep in mind that for each challenge, you have a limited number of axes to use. Once you run out of the stock yet the missions are not completed, you will have to do it over again. Sharpen your skills so that you can throw fast and accurate enough to gain combos after combos at! Prepare to pick up other types of tools in more arcade games such as Beer Slide and Rabbit Punch, all of which are available online. 

Instruction to play:

Click to throw the hatches.