Over Rooftops

Get to your designated destination per stage or on an endless run like the one in this Gogy 2023 game: Over Rooftops! It's all about surviving the run across these dangers on the rooftops. There are multiple rooftop settings for each level, so start controlling the main character and fast forward! You will need to run as fast as possible once you start the game.

Don't stop and keep the momentum to push your character forward, overcome the barriers, jump over rooftops, and get the most items! Some fishes are floating around, in the shape of a blue icon. Can you catch them before they disappear and collect the maximum amount of fish?

They will appear and start falling from the plane so keep your flying path straight so as not to avoid being hit. More western creatures roaming the rooftops will be there to aim and hit you at night as well. As a black cat, your character can meow at these monsters to eliminate them. Use this strength in time to clear out the path and keep the game going! It's a fun pixelated game with an amazingly elaborated backstory. You can follow the story of the black during each episode, it'll be incredibly fun!

Share the lovely side-scrolling platform game to spread the fun to your friends and gather high running speed! Utilize the up speed for the cat to hop and attack timely! Keep your eyes out for some other games like Run Gun Robots from our game list at https://gogy.games/, all are for free! It's a whole new world of gaming experience filled with a variety of game genres such as action, arcade, sports, io, girl games, and so on! 

Instruction to play:

Use the right arrow to increase the running speed, the left arrow to decrease, the up arrow to jump, X button to attack.