Guardians Of Gold

Guardians Of Gold is all about keeping your golden pieces safe among the crowd full of hidden snitches! This fun game comes from our new collection of games here at Gogy Arcade game and there's no cost to it! Enjoy the game of passing the gold to its goal for free and show us how well you can distinguish between the real miner and the snitches. Time is also a crucial element in this game because you will fail the mission if you can't deliver the gold before the time runs out. There is a hole or goal box in the top left corner of all stages. You will have to control the guardians and choose the best path to deliver the gold through them.

Beware of the snitches, and make sure not to pass gold pieces to them or else they will take these away. For each set of 60 points that you earn, you will get a reward of additional special powers. The guards that you pick will be moving the miners and golds piece while stealing the gold right under their noses. Don't forget that your team is the sole caretaker of the gold and don't let anyone take that away. Bury the gold pieces in the trench within each level's limit of 25 seconds and move forward to the next mission!

A single tap on the little miners is sufficient to make them pass the gold to the next. Choose the order and route carefully to avoid losing any valuable piece in this game of Gogy puzzle. Another task is to escape the guard's sight, so stay alert. Stay away from the guard's radar to successfully escape his pursuit. Let's see how your maneuver skills will get you through this game and discover some other similar-themed gaming options such as Gravity Glide and Take Apart later!

Instruction to play:

Controls: Use the mouse to move the gold.