Solitaire Story Tripeaks 4

If you have tried out some of our previous installations of Solitaire Story Tripeaks 4, this 4th version of our popular card game here at Gogy Land will be ready for your entertainment any moment now! The goal is to make sure that our main character Foxy will be able to overcome the obstacles on this long journey and check the latest destinations added. While roaming the map and visiting distant countries, you will get to participate in fantastic solitaire matches on different landscapes around the world. Get ready for a variety of landscapes and landmarks from Australia, and Switzerland, to the Netherlands and Chile! Each board will be varied depending on the difficulty level and diverse theme.

Will you be able to ace all these incredible levels of more than 3000 stages? Ace all the board of solitaire by arranging the cards in the right order to formulate the right stacks of increasing numbers. Your job wIll be to navigate and order the cards on the right stack with the designated increase order. Make sure that no card is left behind and learn how to utilize the bonuses like Daily Missions, and Weekly Air Balloon Challenges, with dozens of designs!

Keep advancing through the different layouts of the maps and keep a high score in comparison to others to be on top of the Leaderboard. How about checking out some more similar card games like Poly Puzzle or Free Birds ? As soon as all stacks are moved with the right card groups, you wIll be able to clear the level. It's a great chance to challenge yourself and your tactics in card arranging to win more games later from!

Instruction to play:

How to play: Use the mouse to drag and release the cards on the right stack.