Clash Of Goblins

Keep your fun time refreshing with Clash of Goblins, the latest gaming option for both boys and girls from Gogy online game. If you are looking for a tower defense game with lots of tools, characters, and background for interacting, this game will be the perfect choice for you. Your main task is to protect the kingdom and its security from the attack of the goblins.

The human kingdom relies on your commanding skills to make sure that you place the tower lines correctly. Do it right and all the goblins will be eliminated on their way in. But one wrong move will make your effort go sideway. The kingdom will be lost and there is no return. Your opponent is the rival goblin tribe that has been at war with you for years. Placing the defensive towers around your base is only one part of the battle. Next, prepare your army of goblins and combine the mana to destroy the opponent's base before they can infiltrate yours.

Keep in mind that for deploying each unit, you are required to use extra mana. Keep check of the process bar to know your current condition. Choose the arrow to make it stop at a certain mana level and push that card to the battle. Don't forget that you have to purchase to update the army's health, firepower, damage range, armor using the coins gained. Whoever lost all of his or her mana first shall be the loser.

A tip for newbies is to choose the right cards at the appropriate time to dispatch them and change the battle. Would you like to enjoy more fighting games like Hero Knight Action RPG and Raft Royale from the long list of as well? 

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse to click and choose the cards for the battle.