Human Vehicle

The gameplay of Human Vehicle will be quite a unique style, especially if you are a fan of the io game. The rules are easy to grasp, but you will no doubt have fun with this fast-paced and simple-themed game. It's a 3D gaming selection in which the players fight to collect the most stickmen along with the platform and gather the biggest group for high scores.

For every new stickman that you manage to grasp, he will merge with the existing one and create an even cooler vehicle. Another task in this game from Gogy land is to steer clear of the pop-up obstacles like the walls, doors, spikes, and many other new threats. If you can protect your group of humans, you will gain many bonuses as well as gems. Use them for upgrading and purchasing from the store so that you can drive in this game with the best vehicles!

There are five different environments, each with its unique set-up as well as a cool point for challenging tasks. Our collection of vehicles goes up to 20 types, so do your best to bring them all to your collection! For the kids who haven't been familiar with this kind of game, just move from the left to the right and vice versa to gain the valuable items on your path.

Don't crash or create any collision because it's bad for your total scores. Diminishing scores happen when the characters lose some members or crash into a wall. Keep your eyes open and use the focus skills to become the best in this online game at! Your favorite basket of games might soon be filled with our new choices like Squidly Game Tug Of War and Parkour Block Xmas Special, so hit them up now!

Instruction to play:

Controlling keys: Click and move the left mouse cursor to move your stickman.