Cheat Death

Use your wisdom and conquer all the puzzles that are spreading in this Gogy online game: Cheat Death with one of the best brain-teasing gameplay for the kids who would love a bit of challenge in the form of the puzzling game. in this question to search for the magic potion that will keep the main character alive for the long term, you will try to arrange the block and path his way to reach the location of the potion bottle on each stage.

There are a few given blocks that will play as your stepping stones to go from the higher platform to the lower ones. First, observe the position and the composition of the blank space that you need to fill. Once you have grasped the basic layout, check out the list of pieces that you have. Do your best to choose the right position for each piece to not leave out any blank at all!

Continue to do so as fast as possible to gather more and more scores, as the total scores per level will be calculated based on the time that you wasted solving the quizzes. The key to this game is to have a speedy brainstorm and correctly place all the blocks to get to the immortality elixir within the shortest time!

It's a new game from with the minimalism styling and unique atmosphere, along with separated and elaborated level design to keep the game interesting, even for advanced players. How will you fill the marked area with the figures? Plenty of recently-added gaming options such as Pool Buddy 4 will be your new thrilling choice for the playtime, so share the fun and spread the spirit! 

Instruction to play:

Click and use the mouse to choose and interact, move and drag the blocks using the left mouse or the touchpad of the devices.