Tictoc Kpop Fashion

Explore the world of fashion online game with this newly added gaming option of Tictoc Kpop Fashion from our free collection at Gogy online game 4 kids! If you love trendy styles of Kpop idols and want to learn how to coordinate those outfits, why don't you take a look at this game? It's time to introduce you to the wide range of options from our wardrobe. Showcase how you think in colors and match the patterns to create the most outstanding outfits ever seen here!

First, start with the makeup for each girl. Embrace the beauty and use eye shadows, lipsticks, eyebrow gels, and plenty of other beautician tools to help the girls shine. It's very important to come up with a hairstyle that fit your makeup and the vibe that you are heading toward. Once you are done with these two, start choosing the right outfits to make them transform into the biggest kpop stars.

Posting photos of the girls with completed looks can bring you more rewards and points for usage later. There are hints and suggestions on how you can coordinate the pieces together, however, feel free to explore new ways of combining the scattered items. Do your best to complete all the missions as soon as possible to discover the final special storyline.

Even for K-pop idols, each girl can still own a special theme that is unique and distinctive. Don't reuse the same items for all girls and keep them unforgettable! You can unlock plenty of new skins and filters which can be applied to your posts on the virtual Tictoc here at https://gogy.games/! Unlock your talents when it comes to fashion design with more games like Pretty Avatar Maker or Cute Chibiusa Maker later. 

Instruction to play:

Choose the items with your left mouse button or touchpad on mobiles.