Robot Butcher

The most important task in this Gogy action game of Robot Butcher will be to wipe out the army of bad robots with your single robot to protect the human outpost! These bad robots have malfunctioned and they are attempting to attack the others. Can you wipe out those that are out of control and protect the base? Your character will be the last resistance from the human side to defeat the other side as the ultimate weapon. Some prominent action that you will take in this game is to fight with flexible moves, counteract the crazy robots, and prevent them from entering the base.

It's the most important task for the Robo-butcher, besides constant upgrading and new equipment added of course. First, assemble this robot with the sole purpose of defeating the other robots and keeping the civilization safe. While tackling more and more enemies as the levels progress, make sure to utilize the power-ups and some upgrades to increase the damage range and extend the shooting range. Stay prepared for the increase in the number of robots and enemies in the higher stages!

Thanks to the old-school graphic style as well as cool pre-rendered design, this game from stands out along with the fantastic BGM to make your experience even cooler! Make sure to change the direction and control the motion wisely and timely to avoid being wiped out too soon off the map! Aiming precisely will keep you alive and avoid wasting the bullets when it comes to mass matches later! For more games with the same shooting gameplay but with new twists, why don't you participate in some good options such as Cursed Treasure 2 or Train Surfers?


Instruction to play:

Move and jump with arrows or WASD. Use the mouse to aim and shoot.