FG Gold Mine

Even the best-talented gold miners will have to try their best to conquer FG Gold Mine because, in this Gogy free game, these chunks of gold are hidden so well underground! It's your job to research the area, pick up the location and start the work of digging to mine treasures. The two most valuable gems that you should keep an eye out for are the shinning gold and sparkling diamonds.

Like any real mine, you need to go through layers and layers of soil and rocks until when you reach the gems. Dodge the rocks and throw the claw once it reaches the right timing. If you happen to grab the stones, the scores given to you will be low, but there are some nonetheless.

Don't give up and keep your calm since this game at http://gogy.games/. is the type that requires patience. The final treasure will be rewarding if you focus. During high levels, there will be even some moving animals or moving items that make it even more difficult to spot the right place of diamonds, therefore, prepare your skills to go up against more challenges!

Such an entertaining game must be shared with your closest friends to make the playtime better! Explore the world of free games with the most famous selections such as Wire and Pet Runner later! 

Instruction to play:

Click the left button or tap on the mobile screen to drop the claw.