Delivery Racer

Delivery Racer - the new 3D game from Gogy games 4 school makes the player drive, drift, perform some good curves and bypass your opponents at high speed! The race between the delivery guys will be one of the most intense races because only the fastest one gets to gain the money for delivering to the customers. Will you demonstrate a few of your talents and become the fastest delivery guy?

The tasks here in this game include switching lanes, dodging oncoming cars, speeding up, and going around pedestrians. Avoid the obstacles at all costs because they will make your character stumble and slow down. Worst case scenario is that you will fall midway and fail to finish the delivery to your assigned customer.

When commuting on the crowded streets, keep in mind that you need to estimate the best timing to jump over moving cars while keeping the balance of your bike at the same time. You can increase your total scores by collecting dashes of coins on the path. They line up in the form of a straight line on each lane, therefore, switch the lane on time to catch as many as possible in this game from! You can even use them as currency in this online game for unlocking better skins and items!

The two most important elements contributing to your chances of winning in this game shall be the ability to estimate the movement of others and the skills of maneuvering your bike. Steer clear of cars, opponents, obstacles, and anything that might slow your shipping progress down! Check out a ton of other similar games with 3D gameplay and high-quality drawing for characters such as Witch Magic Academy or Plug Head 3D.

Instruction to play:

Controlling keys: Drag and slide your mouse to guide the character. Tap and use your finger to play the game on mobiles and tablets.