Boom Village - A Minecraft Battlefield

Another shooting game with the most elaborated design has just been added to the collection at Gogy shooting games! How long will you need to stay alive to carry out the tasks of taking down the antagonists in Boom Village? For as long as possible of course! Not only is this a newly created 3D shooting game but it's also a place for enjoyment. You can experience the best satisfaction whenever you manage to kill all enemies and collect weapons.

For each weapon, there is a limit on the using time, so take advantage of it in the best way possible before it disappears. Use your weapon to protect yourself from being harmed by others and to hunt down the other enemy as well. The best players shall be the ones who can read the map, understand the situation to come up with the wise movement and demonstrate the best shooting skills.

A tip for you is to pay attention to the mark which shows approaching enemies on the map. This will allow you to prepare yourself for an incoming attack and choose the best hiding spots. Also, make sure that you reload whenever the bullets run out. There are updates and cool gadgets from the store at that you can purchase with your earned currency in the game as well!

Are you ready to feel the pumping heart and excitement of an intense shooting battle? Grab the weapons and tackle new challenges with other shooting games like Jack's Village and Minecraft Ballroom Blast-off after finishing this one. 

Instruction to play:

Use W, A, S, D to move

Spacebar to jump

Shift key to run

Mouse cursor to aim and shoot.