Mini Swim

This dive in the game of Mini Swim from Gogy land will take place in the deepest body of water, with tons of obstacles, more treasures, and lots of secrets to discover. Are you going to be the bravest diver who is ready to swim and conquer this game smoothly? Enjoy the cool fresh water while swimming and enjoying the scenery! There are lots of obstacles and enemies lurking in the place, therefore, try to dodge them while your character has just started the game!

In this challenge, your mission will be to manually collect all the available treasures as you roam the place and search all nooks and crannies of the ocean! There are two game modes in this game, the ordinary and the speedrun mode. Based on the mechanism of each, feel free to select the ones that most suit your taste and styles of playing on each turn. The speedrun mode will be more time-focused, therefore, if you are a daredevil who loves a bit of a rush feeling, this version is for you!

Once you start joining the game screen, move the character and explore all places. Steer clear of larger opponents, dangerous creatures, and obstacles that might prevent you from advancing. Let's see how well you can maneuver while being under the pressure of time and water!

Spread the refreshing theme of this game around and grab a friend or two! It's a good game with colorful and vibrant graphics, available for kids of all ages with elaborated gameplay. Feel free to try out more oceanic-themed games like Rainbow Rocket Ninja if you are looking for more! These gaming options are available for all devices at, which makes it easier to enjoy during all playtime! Game controls:

Instruction to play:

Click the WASD or arrow keys to control the movement.