Pic Pie Puzzles Transports

Have you ever tackled a new puzzle game with the shape of a hexagon? This new Gogy game 4 kids called Pic Pie Puzzles Transports will be the first gaming option that the creators here at Gogy added to the list. Emerge in this exotic yet thrilling game where your creativity, problem-solving, as well as image memory, will have the best chance to shine brightly! Not only will you need to crack all levels in this photo puzzle game but it's also crucial to go from the lower set to the highest one.

There are plenty of options with a different number of tiles inside the set, ranging from 4 to 6, 8, 10, and 12 pic sets. Keep in mind that inside each set, more than one level awaits you. Crack them all one by one and demonstrate your ability to rearrange the tiles with the correct layout which matches the original pic. Regardless of new challenges, the core gameplay of this puzzle game remains arranged so that you can get the final pie-shapes frame that is the same as the original.

Change the placement and positions of two adjacent or close-by tiles to swap them. Do so repetitively until you manage to reach the correct frame. There are plenty of methods and ways that newbies and advanced players can come up with to crack this game, so don't hesitate to show the world your creativity and brilliant way to win!

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Instruction to play:

Click on the tiles and drag the left button to move them.