Bubble Shooter Free 2

Get your bubble gun ready and learn how to ace this game of Bubble Shooter in a sequel with more bubbles, a harder-to-reach cluster, and plenty of new obstacles getting in your way! Remove these chains of bubbles with your gun as you did in the first version of this https://gogy.games/puzzle! If you are a newbie, don't worry and enjoy the fun theme following the in-game tutorial. Keep yourself stable in terms of aiming and shooting, as well as learn to utilize the existing bubble chains on the game board to make the gathered group bigger.

In this newly added long-awaited sequel, the endless gameplay is a must to keep the vital element of the original popular bubble shooter game. You can have long hours of hard work and relax with this game during play time for a change. Have fun shooting the given bubbles with different colors on the board. While dispatching them, you can utilize our new feature of ‘Bubble Swap’ which will assist in swapping the current bubble set with the newly shot one. This might come in handy in the levels in which there is a limitation of the possible match. This game resembles the first one in terms of mechanism and rules, however, more twists, a new setup, and plenty of new level layouts are here to make your gaming better.

Let's learn the way to win this game strategically. Don't forget that only a set of three or more bubbles with identical colors can be grouped and removed at once. The more bubbles you manage to put in your cluster, the faster you gain the top-ranged scores like Take Apart and Mad Kitten.. We invite you all to participate in a new Gogy game to learn a bit more about ball shooting later!

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Use the mouse to aim, move, and shoot.