Truck Dragging Driver

Would you like to take a detour around the track at Truck Dragging Driver free game and learn how to ace the maps in-house? It's a simple car controlling game with new settings and 3D mapping for your entertainment. The players will control a virtual truck and make it move simply by dragging it along the track. There will be different tracks on the floor of this game.

The tracks are made from the stacking of dolls, toys, kitchen items, and many others depending on the levels. However, your goal remains unchanged, which is to make a beeline for the finishing line. While dragging the truck and its cabin, you need to estimate the movement carefully to avoid colliding with any item on the rear edge or the sidelines. Stay in the middle of the road and keep moving forward in this game of Gogy land!

First, start pulling the truck a small distance forward to get to know the mechanism of the game. Once you are used to how it moves, start moving faster and gain the scores! If you can finish the track without any accidents, you gain a big bonus at the end of the level. Not only will your estimation skills be tested but your controlling fingers will also be of use. Be patient when it comes to corners as there are more items aligning, which results in higher chances of errors.

Go ahead and dive into the world of racing games such as Christmas Penguin Puzzle. How many car models have you driven on in the gaming options at Boys will definitely fall in love with this effortless and addictive game with the best motion and cool graphics! Girls get to hop on quite a new adventure with a big truck on their hands!

Instruction to play:


Use the left mouse button to drag the car.