Beer Slide

Beer Slide, the famous game at the parties in the heated summer, has just been added to the online version of Gogy free games to make the collection more refreshing with the summer treats. You will conquer the title of the best Beer slider by sliding the glass of beer through the table. The goal is to only interact and punch the table to affect your glass of beer to the point that it bounces and jumps over the obstacles.

Such obstacles can be fruits, foods, or other glasses of drinks on the table. The player who can embark on the furthest checkpoint shall be deemed as the ultimate beer slider in this nice bar at Such a simple and easy-to-play type of game will attract players of all ages to enjoy without worrying about any interruption or difficulties.

Once you see the obstacles showing up, hit the table at the perfect timing to make the glass bounce up. The essence of the game is the perfect timing and estimation techniques. Hit the table too soon and the glass of beer will be spilled, but if you punch the table too later, it will get stuck at the obstacle points. You will get a sense of timing after playing for a few turns, so don't worry too much and just enjoy freely!

Other games like Jumper Rabbit or One Pipe will be quite the challenges if you are looking for something new and fresh this summer.


Click the left button to jump over the glasses.

Instruction to play: