Down The Mountain

To claim the top title of Down The Mountain, it's very crucial that you showcase the best ability to capture the upcoming obstacles, great reflex and good control of the character. The main character is the lovely cow whose movement you will take control of. It's an adorable and carefully drawn character that shows the cute action as it's moving down the steps from the mountain top.

This Gogy online game is an endless gaming selection, which means that you need to keep on going until when you are tired or when the cow got stuck. Try to switch lanes from the left to the right and choose the appropriate next block to step on without hurting the cow. If you step on the block with spikes or gaps, the cow will fall and the game is over.

However, if you can figure out the way to go through all the blocks with bonuses, special items or others, there will be tons of awards such as extra scores or boosters. Keep an eye out for the glowing stars since they will push you up to the top rank without having to try too hard.

Keep on exploring the vast world map by unlocking plenty of new grids and maps at! Kids of all ages have fallen in love with this addictive and continuous gameplay, therefore, take some time off to enjoy more high-quality game like Brave Triangle and Falling Down

Instruction to play:

Use the left and right arrows to make the cow move.