Rainbow Ice Cream And Popsicles

You can fulfill the dream of getting your ice cream truck with this new Gogy kid game: Rainbow Ice Cream And Popsicles where the players get to be the owner of this ice cream shop! In order to prepare the best menu for the summer, we need your help in this task of testing out the recipe for a few unique ice creams. If you love cooking, baking, and making dessert, this new game will let you explore the creativity limit when it comes to creating a new type of ice cream.

Don't be afraid to add a touch of your personal skills and taste, however, keep in mind that you need to follow some basic steps in order to make a decent base for the ice cream. Follow the instruction to put in the required ingredients and mix them up to make the ice cream base. From milk, sugar, and cream, to other flavoring food such as chocolate or strawberry, we provide a long list of ingredients available for you to explore in this kitchen!

There is a long list of ice cream types and popsicles genres that you can choose to make, such as the ice cream bar, ice cream sandwiches, popsicles, and plenty of other soft serves as well as a frozen dessert. As it's a cooking game, the goal is to let the girls and boys have fun by choosing whichever they like among the ingredients and freely spreading the creativity.

Don't miss out on any type of ice cream and tackle them all to demonstrate your perfect ice cream-making technique! How about experiencing a bit of difference in other cooking games like Chibi Anime Princess Doll? They are all for free here at https://gogy.games/, so take your time and play to have fun! 

Instruction to play:

Click and use the mouse cursor to choose the ingredients and make ice cream.