Christmas Turkey Cooking

Turkey is the most important dish for the holiday season. The holiday spirit is coming close, are you ready to learn the basic skills and steps to make the delicious roast turkey? Come and follow the chef from Gogy free games to get a grasp of the famous dish now! After playing the game Christmas Turkey Cooking, you will be able to master the recipe, both in virtual games and in real life.


In this game, you can experience with Elsa, who is very good at cooking. She decided to make a turkey dinner for her friends and invite them, so you will follow her to learn how to do the dish. First, prepare the huge turkey from scratch by cleaning it, removing the dirt and defrost it as well. The turkey is huge, therefore, it might take some time to finish this step. Be patient and don't forget to complete the task slowly. A careful preparation will help to speed up the cooking process, so be thorough with your work.


Next, you need to put the turkey into the oven and set the time. As you wait, you can enjoy interacting with Elsa in the game at After the turkey is all crispy on the outside and golden, you can remove it from the oven and start decorating. Use all the holiday color to make the dish look even more delicious and mouth-watering! Set the table with knives and forks, and your party with Elsa and friends are ready! Don't hesitate to try out some other girl games such as Pie Realife Cooking and Top Burger.

Instruction to play:

Choose the ingredients and cook using the left mouse.